Remembering James Crowder

It was Friday, December 23, 1927. Calvin Coolidge occupiedthe White House. NBC’s “Music Appreciation Hour” was justchristened the “Grand Ole Opry.” Oklahoma’s Governor Henry S.Johnston used the Oklahoma National Guard to keep the OklahomaHouse from meeting at the Capitol but was impeached despite histactics. The DOW has just broken 200 points for the first time.Continue reading “Remembering James Crowder”

An Acceptable Loss?

The novel coronavirus of 2019 has had a permanent impact onthe American lexicon. New words and phrases have become commonknowledge, phrases like “personal protective equipment (PPE)”, “withan abundance of caution”, and “social distancing”. But one phrase hascrept back into the conversations of leaders that should have neverbeen spoken. That phrase is, “an acceptable loss”. OursContinue reading “An Acceptable Loss?”

Final 2020 Oklahoma Aging Partnership Legislative Tracking Report by Esther Houser

Since we have just wrapped up the 2020 Oklahoma Legislature’s “real” Session, let’s take a look at what’s left of our Legislative priorities and what got accomplished.First, some good news: The Session is OVER!! YEA!! And a bill was passed to assure the right of residents in Assisted Living Facilities to have video cameras inContinue reading “Final 2020 Oklahoma Aging Partnership Legislative Tracking Report by Esther Houser”

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