We need you!

Serving as president of the Oklahoma Alliance on Aging has been a privilege and honor.  But my time is almost up. I am nearing my term limit.  

As we recruited new officers, we realized we were working with fewer members on our board.  Thus, there are fewer people available to serve as officers.  

There are two very important fiduciary roles that are facilitated by our board.    First, we are the catalyst for the Oklahoma Aging Partnership Strategy Committee.  In that role, we also raise money to pay for the legislative report for tracking bills that impact older Oklahomans.  Second, we fundraise, support, organize, and facilitate the annual Senior Day at the Capitol.

Perhaps you have not had the time or capacity to meet weekly with the strategy committee or to spend the extraordinary amount of time required to facilitate the Senior Day event. But you still want to serve in some capacity.  This is your chance.  

Please consider serving on our board.  For more information, contact Marietta at the number at the bottom of this page.  Thank you!

Ken Jones

Published by Kenneth Jones

I am doing my dream job of teaching government and history in high school. I am a caregiver, husband, father, and a theatre nut.

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